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Workshops schedule

TANGO salon with Gabriel Missé and Analía Centurión
Progressive Workshops at Studio Gracia, August 8 to August 23

World famous Tango Salon dancers and instructors Gabriel Missé and Analía Centurión are coming back to the Bay Area in
August 8th to August 23 of 2012.
Their last 30 hours seminar in February went so well that dancers in the Bay Area want more.
The new 30 hours Seminar will start on August 8th and end in August 23 (please see schedules below).
The 30 hours Seminar aims toward Tango Salon Dancing Techniques which is Gabriel & Analía specialty.
These 30 hours of intense Salon Tango Dancing will help you improve your abrazo, lead & follow, footwork,
navigational skills, musical interpretation and fun old milongueros steps.
Also, if you are planning to participate in the Oficial USA Championship & Festival in San Francisco next year
this Seminar will be very helpful.

30 Hours Tango Salon Seminar' at Studio Gracia with Gabriel Missé & Analía Centurión:
Studio Gracia, 19 Heron St, SF, CA.
1  Wednesday August 8  7:30-10:30pm 1st day is required.
2  Thursday August 9  8:30-11:30pm
3  Monday August 13  8-11pm
4  Tuesday August 14  7:30-10:30pm
5  Wednesday August 15  7:30-10:30pm
6  Thursday August 16  8:30-11:30 pm
7  Monday August 20  8-11pm
8  Tuesday August 21  7:30-10:30pm
9  Wednesday August 22  7:30-10:30pm
10  Thursday August 23  8:30-11:30pm

$400 for 30 hours Seminar p/person (not included workshops before milongas).
Early registration & discount $350 p/person before August 1st of 2012. Fee not refundable after August 5th of 2012.
Partner required and $50 drop in for one day.
For registration contact Natasha through email:
Any question call her cell: 415-225-3878.

Gabriel Misse is one of the great milongueros of this generation.
At the age of eight, in his native Buenos Aires, he began studying with great masters of tango such as Antonio Todaro and Pepito Avellaneda.
Mr. Misse toured the world as part of Miguel Angel Zotto’s company Tango x 2.
In 1996, he was the protagonist in the publicity campaign “Tango” of Gianni Versace. He partnered with Natalia Hills in Buenos Aires in 2008,
when they presented Romper el Piso. (Hills first production of "Tangueros del Sur") and the famous show "Forever Tango".

Since 2011, Gabriel Missé is performing and teaching with Analía Centurión all over the world.
Analía Centurión is a classical ballet teacher. She started her ballet education at the age of six.
Ms Centurión embraced the argentine tango dance at the age of sixteen.

Analía has a long career in dancing and teaching in Argentina, North America, Europe and Asia.
Also, She participated in severals tango Festivals and tango shows (Mora Godoy & Juan Carlos Copes's shows).

She danced in tango dinner shows such as: 'Casa de Cena Show, Piazzolla Tango, La Ventana, Madero Tango, Boca Tango...
Analía participated in the final show and as one of the judges in the process of elimination at the World Tango Championship too.
She is the director of the show 'Fusion Tango' in Buenos Aires, the participants are children and teenagers.
For private lessons with Gabriel & Analía please email

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