Why Dance the Argentine Tango?

ken dances tango at a milonga"There is no better way to add fun, romance, and excitement to your life than tango.

Argentine Tango is more than a dance, it is an obsession. Inspired by the passion of the music, two bodies embrace, expressing the desire to move as one.

Dancing Tango is the private exchange of trust and surrender between the leader and follower. It is the interpretation of the music and the moment, expressed together through the poetry of dance"

- Ken Delmar
Argentine Tango
dancer and teacher
San Francisco

a milonga

Encouraging words for the beginners:

"Tango has nothing less to offer than a lifetime of joy. I've seen so many uncoordinated, (even awkward), people become wonderful dancers that everybody wants to dance with. Don't worry! Just dance!"

Thank you,
Ken Delmar

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