Tango Soma at Studio Gracia
progressive series
19 Heron Street, San Francisco.
TANGO LEVEL I: 10 - 11 am
TANGO LEVEL II: 11 am - 12 pm
TANGO LEVEL III: 12 pm - 1 pm
Fee: $12 class.

    • GREAT: 1 class 4 week series: $40
    • $12 per class
    • fee will change with guest teachers
    • Students will join level II or III with instructors approval only.
No Student Teachers!

No dance experience required. Starting off from square one, you will develop a strong foundation and master all of the basic tango moves: walking, embrace, good tango posure, axis (balance), and navigation skills (floor craft). Thanks to Ken's special teaching methods, you'll learn to improvise from the very beginning. After completing the first level lesson, you'll be ready to enjoy a Sunday night milonga (Argentine tango dance party). NOTE: special support for beginners at parties. Ken is always available to help and support you.

Requirments: Desire to have fun


(A continuation of Level 1) -- working on the tango foundation. Emphasis will be on turning basics and the 8 count turning method, right and left.

Requirments: 3 to 6 months of Level I.


Focus in this class: beautiful, intricate, spectaular, and extremely romantic tango steps. This is a chance to do the fun steps that you usually you don't get to study. Level III will have a wide range of vocabulary from intricate, close embrace steps to wild and crazy, performance steps -- and everything inbetween.

Requirements: a good foundation and an audition is required to get into the class.

THIS MONTH: the steps of "Pulpo"