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"with all of the chaos surrounding the wedding, we never had a chance to hear the band play any tango, let alone the one we were going to dance...we were going to have to do it cold. thanks to ken and natasha we nailed it. they never taught us routines, they simply taught us how to dance the tango."

- Stuart B Braiman

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Wedding Dance Lessons

Love is in the air! Your first dance as a married couple is coming! Speaking of love, one of the most important things when planning a wedding dance is to chose music both of you love. Once you have picked a song for your first dance as a married couple, you can learn how to dance to it. Never danced before? Don't worry, you can learn to dance quickly with private lessons.

Argentine tango is a terrific dance for a wedding reception. There are many great Argentine tango love songs that would be wonderful for your first dance as a married couple. If you are not sure what to pick, a good choice is a popular Argentine tango love song -- something easily recognized. Two popular pieces are:

Wedding dance song: La Cumparsita
Wedding dance song: El Choclo

Why Argentine Tango?
While other dances like waltz have been popular in the past, Argentine tango is especially good for a wedding dance because it can be so romantic, sweet, and gentle. Other forms of tango are rather harsh and "sharp" sounding compared to Argentine tango.
Should our dance steps be Choreographed?

Steps are dance steps that are defined and detailed so that you do them exactly a certain way. An advantage of this approach is that your dancing will be sure to be interesting and fun because you'll have some neat steps worked out.

Another approach is called "lead and follow" or "social dancing style." In this approach, the leader thinks slightly ahead as he is dancing. He says to himself: "What will I do next?" He decides on a small pattern and then does it and his partner follows. Various small dance patterns are strung together on the spot to create a unique and (hopefully) wonderful experience for the follower.

An advantage of this approach is that the leader can be more relaxed knowing that he doesn't have to remember everything. If he doesn't remember a certain pattern, he just doesn't do it.

Couples who learn to dance using tight choreography can look great. However, a problem is that if a mistake is made, these couples sometimes freeze-up. They don't know what to do and often stop and have to start again from the beginning of their routine. A couple who learns with the lead and follow method can easily dance more smoothly and "fake it" if something doesn't go exactly according to the book.

A Mixture of Lead and Follow

A combination of choreography and lead and follow often works best for wedding dance lessons. It's possible to have certain sections of a danced choreographed, but they improvise the rest. Choreographed steps are useful because they can provide a foundation from which to build on. And they can help to ensure that the dance is interesting and enjoyable. If you do nothing but lead and follow, the result may not be so good. Choreographed steps are particularly useful for the entrance, for when you first walk out on to the dance floor. In a way you can already be dancing even before the music starts. A choreographed conclusion can also be especially effective.

If you are planning to have some friends, who are good dancers join in, -- in a kind of "dance formation" well planned choreography will ensure that every one stays together and that the dance is fun to do and to watch. It can be a lot of fun to bring friends and relatives together for some private group lessons.

What's the best combination of choreography and lead and follow?
That will vary a lot depending on your experience. Your dance instructors can help you determine that. instructor. Don't worry if you don't know how to dance or have little experience. Ken and Natasha can help you. Their wedding dance lessons can help you learn to dance quickly and look great for your wedding.
What's the next step?
If you are already know how to dance, we can help you look great. If you've never danced before we can make your experience an enjoyable process that wil make your first dance memorable for you as well as your guests. When you call or write be sure to ask about our wedding dance lesson special. In the San Francisco Bay Area, call Ken and Natasha at 415-468-8000 or e-mail:
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