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Ken & Natasha



Private Argentine Tango Dance Lessons with Ken Delmar or Natasha Ng
San Francisco, Brisbane, Daly City, Colma, & surrounding areas.

Dance Instruction: Private and Group Lessons
Performances: Special Events, Parties and Occasions
Choreography: Weddings and Public Performances

Ken and Natasha both offer individual private Argentine tango dance lessons. They teach Argentine tango from the inside out. First you learn to lead and follow and navigate around the dance floor. By learning this first, you can start having fun right away with your new found skills! Gradually you will learn more advanced steps: crossed basic, ochos, ganchos, calesitas, embellishments, and more. Ken has been a professional dancer and touring the world since his teens. In 1990, Ken commited himself thoroughly to Argentine tango. He has been teaching tango for 13 years and has studied with many Argentine tango masters, both in America and in Benos Aires, Argentina. Prior to falling in love with Argentine tango, Ken received rave reviews as a professional ballet dancer, so he brings many years of professional dance experience to the lessons he gives.. Ken has been in two Argentine tango shows and has visted Argentina many times for lengthy stays, studying with the most renowned tangueros in Benos Aires.

". . . The Faun, danced by Ken Delmar, was animal and mortal, child and man -- an amazingly subtle amalgam. And the duet for Delmar and Gretchen Stock was choreographed and danced like the vibration from a plucked harpstring." - Doris Hering Dance Magazine

Natasha, a native of Argentina brings special insights into the lesson for both followers and leaders. Not only can she give followers special tips for embellishments, but she can help leaders develop a strong, but sweet, gentle lead. By special request, you can even have your dance lessons video taped for later review and study. This will enable you to progress much faster than with other methods!

Argentine tango can be dreamlike, mesmerizing, joyful, exciting, relaxing, inspiring, as well as great fun.

How far do you want to take your dancing? How much do you want to get out of your dancing life? Be the best you can be with private lessons. Call or write Ken or Natasha today! 415-468-8000. Please send email to:

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