DANCE 162 Ė 2007 Ė Tango Milonga

To simplify the language in this quiz, we assume that the leader is male and the follower is female; however, these days, this is not always the case. This is multiple choice quiz. Please click on the one or more best choices for each question. Please read all options before responding. To check your answers click on submit button.


From Robert Farris Thompson book "Tango":

It is important that the manís torso begins the lead, so that the arms simply follow as extensions of the torso. The man rotates his torso, and his arms go with the movement as if the torso (and arms) were one unit. Flowing from his torso the manís arm follows through to his hand, which curves around the side of her body. With arm, torso, hand, he leads as a block (not meaning stiff). Call and response becomes lead and response.

Mastering tango is mastering the making of signals.

La marca (the lead) is part of the shared intimacy of tango, ďnot she and I but usĒ, Copes says. It is a communicative drive, unseen and secret, that keeps tango moving in a state of excitement.

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