Ken Delmar
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Below are some highlights of Ken's career in dance and as a founding and contributing member of the San Francisco Bay Area Argentine Tango community.

Career Highlights and Awards

Early Years
A native of San Francisco, Ken Delmar studied under Harold Christensen and Roberta Meyer at the San Francisco Ballet School. At age 13, he became the protege of Richard Gibson. During his teenage years, he was the principle dancer with the Peninsula Ballet Theatre and "the wonderkin" of the Bay Area.

Study in Moscow
At 16, Delmar received an invitation from the Bolshoi Ballet to travel in the U.S. with them, and afterward to study in Moscow.

Ken did private performances for Rudolf Nureyev, Margot Fonteyn, and Grace Kelly at her castle in Monte Carlo.


  • School of American Ballet
  • American Ballet Theatre School
  • American Ballet Center in New York
  • San Francisco Ballet- Roles include the lead in Balanchine's Allegro Brilliante, The Faun in Afternoon of the Faun, Harlequin in Carnival, Harold Lander's Etudes, and Bluebird Pas de Deux.

Argentine Tango
Ken began Argentine Tango in 1990, studying extensively with renowned Milongueros. In 1995 he won the Supreme Dance Award in the California Winter Festival and 2nd Place in the Buenos Aires Radio Tribu Tango Contest. He was a guest Performer at the 1996 San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival.
Founder of several of the most important milongas (Tango parties) in the San Francisco community.

  • Monte Cristo
  • Studio 435
  • Broadway
  • Verdi Club
  • Mission Blue Dance
  • Tango Soma

Many of Ken's former students include some of the more well known tango dancers in the community, such as:

    • Chelsea Eng
    • Jo Ann Whittington
    • Steve Palubinskas
    • Jacqueline Bequette
    • Christy Cote
    • Heather Bryan

Principal Dancer

  • Tango Fatal, San Francisco
  • SF Ballroom Dance Theatre, San Francisco
  • Smithsonian Institute Concert Series, Washington DC
  • Tango Productions, Tango for You
  • ATER Balletto, Italy
  • Makarova and Company, New York
  • Netherlands Dance Theatre, Netherlands
  • Joffrey Ballet, New York
  • National Ballet of Holland, Netherlands
  • Stuttgart Ballet, Germany


Ken and his wife Natasha