Ken Delmar

Career Highlights    

       A  native of San Francisco, Ken Delmar studied under Harold Christensen and Roberta Meyer at the San Francisco Ballet School.  At the age of 13, he became the protege of Richard Gibson.  During his teenage years, he was the principal dancer with the Peninsula Ballet Theater and "the wonderkind" of the Bay Area. At 16 years old, Ken received an invitation from the Bolshoi Ballet to tour the U.S. with them, and to study in Moscow afterward.

       Ken gave private performances for Rudolf Nureyev & Margot Fonteyn, and for Princess Grace of Monaco at her palace.

       Beginning in 1990, Ken passionately embraced the Tango, studying extensively in Argentina under the most renowned Tangueros.  Since that time, his success with the tango has mirrored his prior successes in the world of  ballet.  In 1995, he was awarded 2nd Place in the Buenos Aires Radio Tribu Tango Contest, an unprecedented achievement for an outsider.  He went on to win the Supreme Dance Award at the California Winter Festival.  In 1999 to 2000, Ken introduced Argentine Tango to four Hawaiian Islands. During the 1990's, Ken founded the five most important milongas (Tango Parties) in San Francisco: Mission Blue Milonga, Monte Cristo Club, Studio 435 Broadway, Verdi Club and Tango Soma at Studio Gracia. In addition, he was the founder of the Argentine Tango Programs at the Metronome Ballroom and Studio Gracia.

Tango Teaching Experience:      

       Over 12  years of  teaching experience  covering Argentine Tango, Milonga, Vals cruzada, Salsa Cubana, Son, Danzon, Cha Cha Cha and Choreography.

       2003 -Present    Studio Gracia, San Francisco, CA

       2002 -Present    Skyline College, San Bruno, CA

       2002 -Present    Colma Park and Recreation, Colma, CA

       2001 -Present    Mission Blue Center, Brisbane, CA

       1995 -Present    Stanford University Spring and Summer Dance, Stanford, CA

       1992 -Present    Conducted yearly Tango Tours to Buenos Aires, Argentina    

       2002 -2003        Terrabay Gym, South San Francisco, CA

       2001 -2002    Rhythm and Motion, San Francisco, CA

       2000 -2001    Sausalito Community Center, Sausalito, CA

       1992 -2001    Metronome Ballroom, San Francisco, CA

                             Director & Principal Teacher of Argentine Tango

       1993 -1999    Monte Cristo Italian Club, San Francisco, CA

       1997 -1998    Kimballs Carnival, Emeryville, CA

       1994 -1998    Broadway Studios, San Francisco, CA

       1993 -1996    Verdi Club, San Francisco, CA

       1993 -1995    Ravano's, San Francisco, CA

Tango Performance:

       2002 -2003    Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco, CA

                             Orange Memorial Park, South San Francisco, CA

                             Sterling Park, Colma, CA

       2000              Hilton Hotel, Kona, Hawaii

       1993 -2000    Metronome Ballroom, San Francisco, CA

                             Stanford University, Stanford, CA

                             Broadway Studio, San Francisco, CA

       1999              Brisbane Community Park, Brisbane, CA

       1997 -1998    Atraccin Tango (Principal Dancer),  San Francisco & Buenos Aires

                             Tango Fatal (Principal Dancer), San Francisco, CA

       1996              San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival, San Francisco, CA

       1996              Radio Tribu Tango Contest, awarded 2nd Place in Buenos Aires

       1995              Smithsonian Institute Concert Series, Washington D.C.

       1995              Suprem`e Dance Award Winner for Tango, California Winter Festival

       1993              Stanford Latin Dance Ensemble, Stanford, CA

Ballet Teaching Experience:

       Over 20 years of teaching and performing experience in Ballet

       1988 -1995    Stanford University, Stanford, CA

                             Dance Faculty Member, Ballet

       1976 -1991    Western Ballet School & Co., Mountain View, CA

                             Founder, Artistic Director & Principal Teacher

       1986 -1990    Foothill College, Los Alto, CA

                             Performance Director

Ballet Performance:

       Principal Dancer & Soloist:

       1981 - 1983     ATER Balletto, Italy

       1980                Makarova and Company, New York

       1973  - 1975    Netherlands Dance Theater,  Netherlands

       1972  - 1973    Joffrey Ballet, New York

       1971  - 1972    National Ballet of Holland, Netherlands

       1969  - 1970    Stuttgart Ballet, Germany

Leading Roles:

       Balanchine's Allegro Brilliant, The Faun in Afternoon of the Faun, Harlequin in Carnival Harold Lander's Etudes, Bluebird Pas de Deux, Jerome Robbin's Moves, Hans Van Manen's Solo for Voice and Septet Extra, Satie Pas de Deux  choreographed specially for Ken Delmar by John Kranko, Rudi Van Danzi's Night Island and Moments, Benjamin Harkavy's Grand Pas Espagnole, Leonide Massine's Beau Danube.

Scholarships Include:

       School of American Ballet, NY

       American Ballet Theater School, NY      

       American Ballet Center, NY

       San Francisco Ballet School, CA

       Ford Foundation, NY & SF


Masters Degree Equivalency (Dance), Skyline College, Fall, 2005

Critical Acclaim for Ken Delmar the Dancer

"As Till in Til Eulenspiegel, Delmar was captivating and gave a profound and surprisingly expressive interpretation of this Nijinsky tour de force."

    Das Bild, Stuttgart

"See Ken dance, if you possibly can. His dancing is always poetry in motion."

    Susan Cushion (Chairperson, Stanford Dance Department)

"The Happy Jumper, Ken Delmar from the United States stood out  throughout the evening; his is an enormously gifted talent."

     La Repubblica, Milan

"When Ken and Mariela danced the Argentine Tango, they had the entire audience spellbound."

    Stanford Daily

"Ken Delmar was an opening-night favorite in Bluebird pas de deux‚ defying gravity, seeming to hang suspended in the air.  Delmar's got IT."

    De Telegraaf Amsterdam

"It's incredible to watch him leaping and turning in the air.  He has the cushiony spring of all good male dancers, lingering as if suspended.  He partners his ballerinas with commanding elan."

    Oakland Tribune

"... a luminous performance featuring Ken Delmar, a superlative talent."

    San Francisco Chronicle

"There were no budding Nureyev's on view in the performances, yes, come to think of it, perhaps one, Ken Delmar, is a micro-Nureyev with a sense of style, marvelous coordination, and an enviable ability to move gracefully and manfully.  In the familiar impressionistic ballet 'Afternoon of a Faun', he is the bare-chested, sensual spirit playing the Nijinsky role.  In an angular, expressionistic modernism called The Door, a la Jerome Robbins, he is the lover-flame who dries his moth-love to immolation."

    Oakland Tribune

"Ken Delmar danced the Peasant Pas de Deux from Giselle with compelling virtuosity. His stage presence is spellbinding and his technique is sure and strong."

    San Francisco Chronicle

"Everything considered, [the show] was marvelous... especially the brilliant Ken Delmar in the Peasant Pas de Deux of Giselle... . Delmar is very special indeed."

    San Francisco Chronicle

"The Faun, danced by Ken Delmar, was animal and mortal, child and man, an amazingly subtle amalgam.  And the duet for Delmar and Gretchen Stock was choreographed and danced like the vibration from a plucked harpstring."

Doris Hering Dance Magazine