TANGO SHOES and costumes at studio Gracia every month 3rd Sunday of the month

Direct from Buenos Aires beautiful custom made Argentine Tango Dance shoes. These shoes are made to order and are designed to fit your feet. Arsil will actually use a tracing of your actual feet to design the soles and foot beds. So even if you have mismatched feet (and who doesn't) you won't have to compromise fit for either foot. You can select the style, material, and even the trim of your shoes. Get the perfect fit with the perfect style to match your tango outfit. Heel shapes and height are also customizable.

These shoes are so comfortable you'll spend more time enjoying your dances rather than thinking about your feet. You have probably seen many of these shoes at the local Milongas already, as many satisfied customers are currently dancing in them. As a testament to the fit and comfort of these shoes many have returned to order second and third pairs of shoes.

Arsil shoes have been making custom Tango shoes for many years and handcrafts shoes for some of the stars of 'Forever Tango'. These shoes are inexpensive considering they are custom made. Arsil shoes are offered to you through Natasha Delmar. Contact her for an appointment for sizing, material, and style selection.

Current pricing, sizing appointments, and questions can be directed to Natasha Delmar

Or you can come to any of our Milongas and talk to Natasha, call ahead and she can bring the style and fabric books for your perusal.

To learn more about how these shoes are made from pictures click here.

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all photos by Marty Sohl


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